Mıller XMS 425 Mpa Synergic welding system

Miller Arqon Qaynaq avadanlığı XMS 425

Mıller XMS 425 Mpa Synergic welding system

With a current of 425 amps, the electric multifunction equipment is also very suitable for argon welding (TIG), electrode welding (Stick) and gas welding (MIG) (duoble-MIG-P). Actual measurement of current and voltage during welding with large digital meters allows better welding management.

The American-made equipment weighs 52 kg and is distinguished by its comfort and versatility.

Pulsed MIG
Double Pulsed MIG

Input Power: 230-460 V, 3 Phase
Rated Output: 5 – 425 A
350 A 34VDC, 60% DC
Wire Feed Speed: 1,27-25,4 m/min.
Power Source: 52,5 kg
Weight: Feeder: 18 kg
Cooler: 25 kg

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