ELITE Marmorino

ELITE Marmorino

Elite Marmorino is a material on the basis of slaked lime, a marble powder and inorganic pigments giving to the material such characteristics as: decorative effect of marble furnishes, high resistance to high humidity of environment.

Elite Marmorino is an ideal furnish which gives value to the interior of ancient or modern buildings having art interest. Especially fits for walls decoration, columns, pilasters, ceilings and any other surfaces on the basis of cement lime and plaster.

The main task of decorative material Elite Marmorino is a possibility to create effects of both polished, and a relief stone. Decorative plaster Elite Marmorino gives the chance to receive aesthetic obscured appearance, from soft and monotonous colours to imitation of classical “Venetian marble”. Depending on ways of plastering, it is possible to achieve various decorative effects.

Decorative transpiring covering based on mineral binders.
Product based on seasoned slaked lime, marble powder, inorganic pigments.
Spread rate: 1 – 1,2 Kg/m2
Available colours: White

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